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JKP Free Webinar: The Quest of Case Study

Come and Join Us Jurnal Keperawatan Padjadjaran Proudly PresentTHE QUEST OF CASE STUDY Speakers: Dra. Laili Rahayuwati, M.Kes., M.Sc., Dr.PH Overview Case Study/Case Report Prof. Dr. Meita Dhamayanti, dr.Sp.A(K)., M.KesCase Study for Quantitative Approach Neti Juniarti, S.Kp., M.Kes., M.Nurs., PhDCase Study for Qualitative Approach Moderator:Titis Kurniawan, S.Kep., Nets., M.Kep FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 202312.45-16.00 WIB Benefits:- Free E-Certificate- Doorprize: E-Money FREE REGISTRATION Information:Endah (0853-1429-5890)Novita (0853-1773-6810) Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.