The Effect of the E-Patuh Application on HIV/Aids Patients’ Adherence in Consuming Antiretroviral

Alfian Alfian, Kusman Ibrahim, Imas Rafiyah


Medication adherence is behavior that refers to client obeys in following a medication, and makes lifestyle changes in accordance of recommendations from health care providers. Antiretroviral adherence is paramount for HIV/AIDS patients. The effects were often a problem in antiretroviral treatment and toxicity and often be the reason for replacing or stopping antiretroviral treatment. This study aimed to determine the “E-Patuh” Applications effect on antiretroviral adherence in patients Of HIV/AIDS In West Java. The research design was a quasi-experimental with nonequivalent control group design. The location of this research was in RSUD Kota Bandung and in RSUD Kota Banjar. The respondents was selected without randomization and used purposive sampling technique. Respondents in this study were 30 respondents. Data were obtained using self-report questionnaires. The intervention group was monitored a 30-day android-based E-Patuh application and monitored on an E-Patuh website and then measured adherence value with self-report. Data were analyzed using SPSS 22 with chi-square test. The results showed a significant difference between adherence value before and after application of E-Patuh in the intervention group with (p <0.05) with obtained p value = 0,006. The results of this study prove a positive effect on the using of E-Patuh applications against ARV medication adherence in the intervention group with the support system of the E-Patuh application. The used of E-Patuh is helpful in improving ARV adherence in HIV/AIDS patients. The features contained in E-Patuh were directly reminiscent of the timing of taking medication for PWLH. E-Patuh should be consideration for PLHIV and health care providers in hospitals to improve ARV adherence to reduce mortality rates in people living with HIV.


Adherence, Antiretroviral, E-Patuh Applications.

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