Correlation between Spiritual Well-Being and Level of Fatigue among Patients Suffering from Breast Cancer

Maria Komariah, Mohd Khairul Zul Hasymi Firdaus, Kalpana Paudel Aryal, Md Abdul Latif


Cancer-related fatigue has been shown to be a signifcant side effect that influences a person’s wellbeing, during
treatment, and after treatment. It is recorded that cancer patients have also been shown experiencing spiritual
distress. The study aims to determine the connection between spiritual well-being and cancer-related fatigue
among patients suffering from breast cancer during chemotherapy treatment. 112 patients who were undergoing
chemotherapy treatment were recruited in this study using a correlational design. The instruments used in
assessing spiritual well-being and fatigue are Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy - Spirituality
(FACIT-Sp) and FACIT-Fatigue Scales. Data were analyzed using the Spearman Correlation analysis. Mean
spiritual well-being score was 35.91 (SD = 6.89), and the mean fatigue score was 33.04 (SD = 9.58). There
were a moderate and signifcant correlation between fatigue scores and spiritual well-being (r = .364, p < 0.001).
Breast cancer patients who had higher spiritual well-being that means they would alleviate fatigue symptoms.
Therefore, nurses should consider that increasing spiritual well-being would reduce fatigue and vice versa.


Breast cancer, chemotherapy, fatigue, spiritual well-being, treatment

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