Analisis Dampak Penggunaan Varian Tekanan Suction terhadap Pasien Cedera Kepala Berat

Hendy Lesmana, Tri Wahyu Murni, Anastasia Anna


Penurunan kesadaran pada pasien cedera kepala berat akan menimbulkan risiko gangguan jalan napas sehingga perlu dilakukan intubasi endotrakeal untuk mempertahankan perfusi otak. Suctioning diperlukan untuk mempertahankan oksigenasi tetapi dapat menimbulkan penurunan saturasi oskigen, peningkatan TIK dan trauma jalan nafas. Tekanan suction yang tepat sangat diperlukan untuk mengatasi penurunan saturasi oksigen pada klien cedera kepala berat. Penelitian Quasi experiment ini bertujuan mengetahui perbedaan saturasi oksigen pada pasien cedera kepala setelah dilakukan suctioning pada tekanan 100 mmHg, 120 mmHg dan 150 mmHg. Desain penelitian menggunakan one group pre test and post test without control, yang dilakukan pengukuran berulang. Hasil penelitian didapatkan semakin tinggi penggunaan tekanan suction maka akan semakin terjadi penurunan saturasi oksigen. Hasil penelitian ini diharapkan menjadi panduan dalam melakukan suction pada pasien cedera kepala berat dengan memerhatikan saturasi oksigen.

Kata kunci: Cedera kepala berat, hiperoksigenasi, suctioning, saturasi oksigen, & tekanan suction.


The Use of Different Pressure of Suction and Its Impact on Oxygen Saturation among Patients with Head Injury


Rather maintaining adequate airway patency, suctioning may pose risk of developing diminished oxygen saturation among patient with severe head injury. Patients may also experience intra cranial pressure (ICP) and airway trauma. Therefore, providing appropriate pressure of suction machine is needed to overcome those problems particularly to reduce risk of diminished oxygen saturation. This quasi-experimental study aimed to determine differences in oxygen saturation among patients with head injury after suctioning with three different pressures: 100 mmHg, 120 mmHg and 150 mmHg. The study design used one group pretest and post-test without control that performed with repeated measurements. Findings suggest higher pressure of suctioning tends to decrease their oxygen saturation. Results are expected to provide best practice to conduct suctioning for patients with severe head injury and maintaining oxygen saturation after hyper oxygenation action.

Key words: Hyperventilation, oxygen saturation, severe head injury, suctioning, and suction pressure.

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