Editor Policies

Focus and Scope

Focus and range of encryption include:

  • Pediatric nursing
  • Maternity nursing
  • Fundamental of nursing
  • Critical and intensive care nursing
  • Family and community nursing
  • Medical surgucal nursing
  • Pshyciatric nursing

Section Policies

Original Articles

  • Open submission
  • Indexed
  • Peer reviewed

Publication Frequency

Padjadjaran Nursing Journal is published three times a year, i.e. in April, August, and December.

Open Access Policy

The Padjadjaran Nursing Journal provides an open access facility for article content that is published with the principle of making research available for free to the public in order to support global scientific exchange.

Authorship and Plagiarism

The author must be able to ensure that what has been written entirely is the original work and if the author has used the work or the words of others it must be seized. Plagiarism consists of several forms, ranging from admitting other people's manuscripts into their own manuscripts, copying or quoting substantial parts of other texts (without attribution), and claiming the results of research done by others. Plagiarism in all its forms is unethical for publication and cannot be accepted.


The copyright of all articles published in the Padjadjaran Nursing Journal, exclusively held by Padjadjaran Nursing Journal and each author. Any form of duplication of articles from journals without the knowledge or permission of the Padjadjaran Nursing Journal and the author will result in violations of intellectual property law. Authors must fill Journal Publishing Agreement (JPA) before the article was published.