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Dr. Ah Yusuf, S.Kp.,M.Kes, Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Airlangga., Indonesia

Mr. Syahrul Syahrul, Department of Community, Family, and Gerontological Nursing. Faculty of Nursing, Hasanuddin University., Indonesia

Mr saldy yusuf, Hasanuddin Unviersity, Indonesia

Dr. Tantut Susanto, Universitas Jember, Indonesia

Mrs Suhartini Ismail, Departemen Keperawatan FK UNDIP

Dr. Saryono S, University of Jendral Soedirman, Indonesia

Muhammad Arsyad Subu, PhD, STIKes Binawan Jakarta University of Ottawa Canada, Indonesia

Irma Nurbaeti, Indonesia

Hj Henny Suzana Mediani, S.Kp.,MNg.,Ph.D, Faculty Of Nursing, Indonesia

Neti Juniarti, Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia

Cecep Eli Kosasih, Fakultas Keperawatan Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia

Windy Rakhmawati, Nursing Faculty

Iqbal Pramukti, Department of Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia

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